The Breederland Family

There are many Breederlanders in the world. Here’s the few from Canada.

Levi Breederland

A dude named Ben in the IT department, Levi lives north of Edmonton, Alberta with his wife and kids. He spends his spare time shooting analogue photos, brewing kombucha, designing graphical clothing, and being a tech grouch.

Kaitlyn Breederland

Kaitlyn lives near Edmonton, Alberta with her husband and kids, where she home schools and moonlights as a birth doula.

Peter Breederland

With many decades of horticulture and business experience, Peter ran Topgro Greenhouses, a hothouse specializing in bell peppers, and Gojoy Berries, North America’s first commercial goji berry operation. The first Canadian Breederlander, he lives near Langley, British Columbia with his wife and her cats.

Tyson Breederland

Tyson is currently studying at HAS Hogeschool in Den Bosch, Netherlands to level-up his horticulture skills. He's planning on entering the industry in 2022.
Are you a Breederlander?